The thrill of running my own startup company

Previously I was employed to run someone else’s company. I enjoyed my work and I had great colleagues. Since two months I run my own company. The company has one employee, that’s me. My evaluation so far:

What’s positive about running my own company

  • I feel very much aligned with the company vision and mission

  • I fully buy into the core values of the company

  • I think the main shareholder is a competent and likable person

  • I get on well with the CEO

  • I have extensive autonomy and decide what to do and when

  • I learn new things every day

  • I have many challenges

  • I have a clear sense of purpose and progress

Less positive about running my own company

  • I have no paying customers yet

  • I have no colleagues

  • I make no money

  • I think I work just as much as before

  • I get tough evaluations


Tough evaluations: What have you done for the betterment of the world this week?

Widening the definition of colleagues

When starting up my own business I was most concerned about not having any colleagues. At my previous job my team was the most important benefit.  I’m an extroverted person. I have several gaps in competencey as well as certain personality traits that make me dependent on collaborating with other people. On my own I do not perform my best. However I’m not so  concerned about the lack of colleagues anymore. I’ve discovered that the startup world is full of seriously talented people who are great networkers and who help eachother out. Being around people with such creativity, energy and drive is very inspiring. It feels like having colleagues.

GGF founder team – My new colleagues. We were even in the news                                      Photo by Maria Kareliusson



Blur between work and pleasure

Part of my plan when starting my own business was to work less. However I’ve come to realize that I probably work just as much as before. Most startup people work a lot. If they get funding they work even more according to a Swedish survey. For me, a lot of it doesn’t really feel like working. What should I count as work anyway? An intersting seminar on gamification followed by wine and networking. Writing the blog? Taking an interesting course at on plattform economy? Work or pleasure? Certainly the definition of what is work is more blurry for me now. I know this is a risk – the possibilities of working anywhere and anytime risks becoming everywhere and all the time.

The management of my company encourages employees to take afternoon naps


A life with autonomy and purpose

All in all I’m thrilled about my new choice of career. A lot of people I have met in the Startup world say they would never again consider working for someone else in a big cooperation. They seem to think that people with ”normal” jobs have not yet seen the light. People with normal jobs do not yet understand that another life is possible, a life with autonomy and purpose. I somewhat see their point.

Small emerging companies are also more agile and more experimental in their approach. They disrupt and challenge status quo, just like I want to do. I feel I’m in the right place.

Anna Leinder

I’m a rookie entrepreneur and I’m a rookie in the world of tech. One day I had an idea that I thought could facilitate integration and create more jobs. I felt obliged to take care of this idea. I got the idea at a time I worked a lot and travelled all over the place. My husband took care of everything at home but when he was away and I had to cook. My children complained vigorously. They did not want to eat my food. I thought that maybe I could employ someone who recently arrived in Sweden, someone who is a better cook than I am and who wants a job.

It turned out to be a success. We got to meet new people that we otherwise never would have met, we got to try new and exciting food and we provided some people with their first job since they arrived in Sweden. Others also showed interest in becoming employers but when I explained how to do it they thought it was too complicated.The idea to build a platform for P2P employment was born. I named it Diretto. Diretto automates the administration and tax payments to help more people become responsible employers. No need to go through a company and no VAT. I hope it will help create more jobs and contribute to a more cosmopolitan, inclusive and socially sustainable society.

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  1. It seems like you have a great boss, Anna:) Besides a good business idea, I think creativity, discipline and a supporting network around you are key to succeed with running your own company. Go and get that first paying customer and feel the meaning and energy that brings to you and the company.


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